Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Olive Penguins

Now that wedding season is fully upon us (I went to one last weekend, and have two more to go in the next month and a half), it seemed appropriate to post this adorable photo of olive penguins who look all dressed up and ready for their big day. Disclaimer: this idea is NOT mine originally, I shamelessly borrowed it from Kathy Calculates, and they were too adorable not to make. The photos, however, are my own:

Here is how you make them:
Each penguin body is a jumbo olive, with a notch cut out for the belly and filled with softened cream cheese. The head is a medium olive. the feet are a circular slice of carrot (not too thin), out of which you cut a little wedge which you insert into the head to make the beak. Slide a toothpick down the center of everything and... voila!
I found that you want to eat these fairly quickly after you make them, because they started to taste a little stale/canned after a day. I would make these same-day for a dinner party if you can, and not try to make them last more then 12 hours. I tried to avoid the canny taste by getting more gourmet olives, but wasn't able to find any better quality olives that were jet black like these. They're not the most delicious thing you've ever eaten, but they are SO cute.

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