Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toothpick Day

In honor of the 139th anniversary of the day the toothpick was patented, my housemates and I declared February 20, 2011 as Toothpick Day. The theme was obvious. The results, delicious.

I was not the only contributor, which made it even better. Above you can see some toothpick bruschetta, contributed by a talented (and complicit in my celebratory attitude) housemate, which was delicious. Some of the other highlights:

Mini PB&J bites on a stick

Bacon-wrapped little smokies

Fresh pineapple (a welcome break from the other decadence)

Spicy BBQ meatballs

Ham and swiss roll-ups (with a little mayo and Dijon mustard for kick)

Cheese and pepperoni toothpick bites

Salad on a stick (with accompanying homemade balsamic vinaigrette)

And last, but not least, tortellini on a stick with marinara dipping sauce.

Happy Toothpick Day, everybody!

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